Map jewelry pendants & key fobs. Any town, county, state, & country.

Creating original pendants and key fobs using maps or photos.  Wear your hometown, ancestors, or favorite places to remember.

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Custom made pendants and key fobs using old maps and plat books of farms.

R E M E M B E R.

Honor your roots and wear your hometown with pride.  Whether it is a pendant, key fob, or ornament, remembering your roots builds connections and relationships.

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Custom pendants using vintage photos of loved ones or special moments are also available.

W E A R.

Wearing your roots and taking home with you.
Remember from whence you came or where you ended up.
I create custom map jewelry using vintage ephemera and plat books. Pendants and key fobs are my specialty. 

R E S P E C T.

These are my roots.  My grandfather came from Denmark, and he ended up in Audubon County, Iowa.  Wearing a pendant of his farm plat connects me to him.  

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